Ghost Club

"When I was young, my father locked my brother’s electric guitar in the cupboard, claiming it was an evil toy, so like any enquiring mind would do, I would unlock the cupboard when the house was empty and pluck and strum this forbidden thing. I made all the "chords" by playing a bar across the strings with my thumb. No, things haven’t changed much since then."David Mitchell

"Piercing eardrums, stabbing at blind eyes and splitting our heads"Flying Nun’s initial reaction to the first album tapes received.

For most dedicated New Zealand music fans, these fellows need no introduction, but for the uninitiated; David Mitchell has been melting down guitar amps since the 80’s in many seminal New Zealand bands from Plagal Grind to the Exploding Budgies, Goblin Mix and Chug to the 3DsDenise Roughan is also no stranger, serving us wonderments in Look Blue Go Purple and the 3Ds with the former London based Ghost Club rounded off with the equally ear damaging drums of Jim Abbott.