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Saâda Bonaire. The fantastic disco/world music project from Bremen, Germany which never was meant to be. Formed by Bremen DJ Ralf Behrendt in 1982, Saâda Bonairewas a unique concept band centred around two sultry female vocalists (Stefanie Lange and Claudia Hossfeld) and dozens of local musicians culled from the local immigration centre. Originally signed to EMI in 1982, their first and only single, “You Could Be More As You Are” was produced by legendary MatumbiSlits and Pop Group producer Dennis Bovell in Kraftwerk’s studio in Cologne. The fusion of husky female vocals, Eastern instruments, dub and African music aesthetics, drum computers and synthesisers remains unique to this day. EMI cancelled the project upon its release.

Saâda Bonaire compiles two songs from the original EMI single plus 11 previously unreleased songs recorded between 1982 and 1985. Also included are never-before-published photos and in-depth interviews with band members and a full gatefold cover for those dedicated vinyl buyers. These lost recordings from the early 80s still sound fresh on today’s dance floor.

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