Inner City Guitar Perspectives

Flying Nun

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Crude is Matt Middleton. Operating under the Crude moniker, Matt has released a slew of tapes on his own Dirtlove label; Inner City Guitar Perspectives is a compilation of tracks from his various releases.


  1. Certificate Of Distinction
  2. Sumerian Art Therapy
  3. Far Out Italian Futurisms
  4. Summer Pt. One
  5. Ev'ry Man's A Winner
  6. Dinner And A Movie
  7. Introducing Sharise
  8. Friends
  9. Slapper
  10. Action Stations
  11. Pressing On
  12. International Nickel
  13. Simon Says
  14. Slapper 2
  15. Evocation
  16. Prude
  17. This Town
  18. In Conclusion