Doctor Came At Dawn

Drag City


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If you don’t have a bit of Bill Callahan in your life then you’re not really doing music right. Arguably the pre-eminent American singer-songwriter of the past couple of decades, Callahan did a lot of his best work under the name of Smog. The fifth Smog LP, 1996’s The Doctor Came At Dawn, is a masterful example of Callahan’s quiet power, all lamp-lit acoustic guitar and portentous musing. The Doctor Came At Dawn was crafted with the help of his sometime collaborator Cynthia Dall.


  1. You Moved In 
  2. Somewhere In The Night 
  3. Lize
  4. Spread Your Bloody Wings 
  5. Carmelite Light
  6. Everything You Touch Becomes A Crutch
  7. All Your Women Things 
  8. Whistling Teapot (Rag) 
  9. Four Hearts In A Can 
  10. Hangman Blues