SYRINX - Tumblers From The Vault – Flying Out
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Tumblers From The Vault

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Syrinx's path veered from the dominant modes of '70s subculture, their version of chamber pop hybridized with wild, whimsical electronic experimentation charting new territory in the under and overground. Formed by composer John Mills-Cockell after the dissolution of Intersystems, Syrinx's two adventurous albums, Syrinx and Long Lost Relatives, endorsed the poetic potential of the avant-garde, subverting a turn of the '60s trend toward technological pageantry. Tumblers From The Vault presents these two albums alongside the trio's unheard music, revisiting the Syrinx story and sharing their memorable, mind-bending melodies. Triple LP version comes with printed inner sleeves, 20 page booklet with extensive liner notes, and a high-quality digital download.


1.Tumblers To The Vault 
2. Syren 
3. December Angel 
4. Ibistix 
5. Field Hymn 
6. Tillicum 
7. Better Deaf And Dumb From The First
8. Aurora Spinray
9. Melina's Torch 
10. Journey Tree 
11. Field Hymn 
12. Chant For Your Dragon King 
13. Hollywood Dream Trip 
14. Father Of Light 
15. Appaloosa - Pegasus