The tradition of DIY is well and truly alive in New Zealand. One of it’s most diligent and prolific protagonists is Dunedin based Matthew Middleton. Conceived in 1994, CRUDE is the working title for Middletons recordings - a universe of music and ideas concocted on a simple cassette 4-track recorder.

History:1994 - The first ‘album’ released was the lo-fi outing “The world is so you have something to Stand on”, a neurotic yet promising collection of songs used as a demo and social ice-breaker…By chance Middleton hooked up with ChCh city underground band Space Dust via that very tape. Thanks to drummer Duane Zarakovs’ impeccable and comprehensive record collection Middleton would come to appreciate the underground and avant garde on a scale simply impossible in his home town of Invercargill.