Low Key Source Vol. - Mixed by Mr Thing (CD)


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Sydney label Low Key Source drops their third mix CD showcasing the label’s catalogue and this time expertly mixed by the UK’s Mr. Thing. Since the inception of Low Key Source in late 2016 the label has released forward thinking Hip Hop, Reggae & Soul music with a heavy focus on production.Included in this mix are tracks from Children Of Zeus, Raiza Biza & REMI Feat. Sampa The Great, Charlie Bucket Feat. N’FA Jones & TY, Silent Titan Feat. Apollo Fontane alongside producers such as Black Milk, Apollo Brown, Stro Elliot, House Shoes, Eric Lau, D.R.U.G.S. BEATS, K, Le Maestro and SNDTRK.

World champion scratch DJ and former member of Scratch Perverts, DJ Mr Thing is considered to be part of the fabric of UK Hip Hop and a purveyor of the finest funk and soul records.A prolific vinyl collector and regular radio host, Mr Thing’s knowledge of Hip Hop, Funk & Soul can be witnessed in his compilation series Strange Breaks & Mr Thing (BBE) -highly regarded by DJs and record collectors alike.With two World Champion titles under his belt and 30 years of experience, it’s fair to say that you are getting the very best when Mr Thing is behind the turntables. Always interesting but with a focus on the dancefloor, Mr Thing takes you on a musical journey -always with some of his inimitable scratching thrown in.


1. Snips - West Exodus 
2. Raiza Biza & REMI Feat. Sampa The Great - Genesis 
3. Children Of Zeus - Respect Mine 
4. Apollo Brown Feat. Juga-Naut, Vandal Savage & Cappo - Times Different 
5. Silent Titan Feat. Apollo Fontane - Momentum 
6. Raiza Biza & REMI Feat. Black Milk - Free Man 
7. Charlie Bucket Feat. Guilty Simpson - Wisdom 
8. Stro Elliot - FTL 
9. D.R.U.G.S. Beats - The Champ 
10. Cream Of Beats - Slick & Sly 
11. Derty Dan - Blacked 
12. Raiza Biza & REMI - Live Stock 
13. Snips - Haze Made It 
14. K, Le Maestro - Meninha 
15. Eric Lau - Take Me To Brazil
16. Eric Lau - Mirage 
17. House Shoes - The Makings 
18. Big Shoes - From My Mouth To Gods Ears 
19. Cream Of Beats - Moods 
20. Charlie Bucket Feat. NFA Jones & TY - Scatter Scatter
21. Big Shoes Feat. Quelle Chris - No Guest List 
22. Children Of Zeus - I Need You 
23. Stro Elliot - Kamaal Coltrane 
24. SNDTRK - Twilight

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