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Salad Days Demos

Captured Tracks

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Mac DeMarco's breakthrough sophomore album, Salad Days - released on April Fools', 2014 - garnered widespread critical acclaim, landing on over 30 Year End lists. It was the album that catapulted DeMarco from "lovable slacker" to "mature songwriter with a gap-toothed grin," all at the tender age of 23. 

DeMarco's demos for Salad Days, originally included in an expanded edition of the album only available on Captured Tracks Mail Order site, peel back the curtain of said artist, who, up until then, may have been more known for his raucous live shows than his genuine talent as a songwriter and craftsman. This collection of demos and sketches, as well as previously un-released instrumental demos, offer a rare insight into Mac's world and process.


  1. Goodbye Weekend
  2. Salad Days
  3. Ken The Wolf Boy
  4. Passing Out Pieces Of Me
  5. Organ Ronald Donkey Water
  6. Let My Baby Stay
  7. Pepperoni Playboy
  8. Brother
  9. Potato Boy
  10. Go Easy
  11. Horse Hot Wee Wee Water
  12. Blue Boy
  13. Sloopy Lau Lau
  14. Avocado Andrew


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