Street Talk Magazine Issue One

Street Talk

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Street Talk is an elemental hip-hop and street culture magazine featuring key individuals from Aotearoa and abroad. It covers inter-generational and personal stories from the various elements of hip-hop culture (Emcee, DJ, Bboy/bgirl, Graffiti and Knowledge amongst others) as well as touching on other street sub-cultures.

Some of these stories are from pioneering figures of Aotearoa and worldwide hip-hop.Themes explored throughout are culture, history, identity and spirituality from a social-political lens hoping to capture the heart of these elements & sub-cultures.

Issue one features:

Bboy Fluro, Juse1, Bboy Simba, DJ Waxx Finatic, Kokonut, Happyfeet, Madtag Streetwear, Taulu, Bboy Swerv1, Bgirl Silas, Mr Wiggles, Bboy Papa Smurf, Spex1, King Homeboy, Bboy Booda, DLT, Jonny 4Higher, Aktive, Erupt, Rugged 12, AreK, Future, Queen Shirl'e, Khmer1 ,Octaves/DJ Mercer, Young Ghost, Seidah, Unchained XL, King Fr33, Bboy Copper, Bboy Step1, Bebe Riz, Bboy Relax, Fluro, Tihei, Bboy Kbigs, Bboy Sneaks, Bgirl Lilz 3000, DJ Poroufessor, Donna, Ruatepupuke