Happiness Is Luxury #2

Independent Woman Records

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Second issue of the semi regular anthology of the arts, curated by P-Wits (Independent Woman Records) and featuring local artists Ducklingmonster, Sean O'Reilly (King Loser), Violet Fagan, and Sferic Experiment.

Over 100 pages of art/writing. Works from:
Alyssa Berg, Amy Logheart, Biljo White, Bob Levin, Claire Morel, Clay Geerdes, Dame Darcy, Breakdance The Dawn, David Cauchi, David Wise, Deanna Lehman, Ducklingmonster, Frank Discussion, Frank Gaard, Jackie Kirby, Julia Gforer, Kat Ball, Kilynn Lunsford, Leo Quiveraux, Mardou, Max Clotfelter, Paul Krassner, Samplerman, Sarah Fisthole, Barbara Willy Mendes, Sean O Reilly, Tom Smith, Zarjaz Baby, Zigendemonic

Cover by Shaky Kane

Riso/digitally printed casebound book with CDR compilation of Sydney label "Breakdance the Dawn". 

Edition of 100