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New Zealand Top 20 Singles of the Sixties (Compiled)


New Zealand Top 20 Singles of the Sixties (Compiled)

Ligare Limited

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The third book on this subject by New Zealand's leading chart historian, this is a fun, fact-filled book suitable for casual music lovers and historians alike. The book takes a comprehensive look at what the New Zealand national charts would have looked like from an era which, as we know, had no official NZ Chart. This book is designed to give you fair indication on the popularity of music in New Zealand from 1960 to 1969. The first official charts only started in New Zealand in March 1966. These few years were based on a voting system, where subscribers would send in their own personal selections, and hence the 'official' top 20 was created and published in 'The Listener' magazine.

Although not perfect, this did give a fairly accurate guide to New Zealand's favourite songs. Before March 1966 we relied on local radio stations, television, record stores and other sources who compiled their own charts. A few of these charts were published, and in many cases lost, but others were simply written down in scrapbooks by keen listeners as the countdown was played on the radio or TV.


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