Underwater Pyramids

Flying Nun

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Underwater Pyramids is the latest album from noize quartet Badd Energy.

Formed in 2009, Badd Energy is a mix of guitars, drum machines and genres, with Coco Solid, Sam Moore, Trixie Darko and J.Suave kick out motley jams blending stoner-swamp riffs with laid back 808 raps.

Now, with a handful of singles, mind-bending videos and alt-radio staples like Ba-Zing and Third Eye, the group finally release their sophomore album Underwater Pyramids.

Spanning fantasy and the unsettling, from How Do You Sleep to the anti-apathy attack of Riot, Underwater Pyramids hurtles listeners through a kaleidoscopic of noize and rage.

Track List:

  1. Entro
  2. Third Eye
  3. Riot
  4. How Do You Sleep At Night
  5. Ba-Zing
  6. Blue Swan
  7. Bridges To Burn
  8. The Conference
  9. Underwater Pyramids



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