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Matthew Davis

The end of the year is nigh, and it is the time where we get all reflective on what has happened.

We thought it best to document these reflections, last week we looked at label buddies Flying Nun and this time we are looking within ourselves - at what 2015 was for Flying Out. A psychological self-assessment but with records. We also compiled a list of the Top 20 sellers for the year over here.

For starters - as the photo shows - we took the plunge and opened a record store. That's right an actual physical space for you to all come visit. And please do it's at 80 Pitt Street (corner of K Road), Auckland.

We still offered all out regular online services but expanded out stock and bought in some secondhand records as well. We got some Auckland music celebs in behind the desk, and even had the odd overseas one visit (thanks Thurston Moore). A big thanks to every one who helped with the set up (staff thanked below), especially family and friends - Sonya, Sophie, Ed, Gerry, Roger, Zac, Cath, Dylan, Westley and also to the K road community for making us welcome.


Our monthly club nights, The Others Way continued throughout the year (thanks Zac and the Wine Cellar) and we will have a digital compilation featuring all the fine acts out early next year. Plus in March we had the thrill of hosting Canada's The Courtney's playing some shows around the country. 

Not mention the mighty festival we put on in September with our good friends 95bFM - also called The Others Way - we took over K road for the night with over 30 NZ acts. Thanks to all the venues, bands and the 1000+ people who turned up, it was a real lark and I think we might just do it again next year.

And to finish out the year we have our Xmas party on Dec 19, featuring the Shocking Pinks, Mermaidens, Avoid! Avoid, Carb on Carb and Surf Friends - all the details and tickets here.

While we were buy setting up shop and holding festivals, we still got work on some releases and were very privileged to help release and/or distribute the following;

CARB ON CARB - CARB ON CARB (LP, CD, Cassette, Digital)

One of NZ's hardest working bands (numerous NZ shows, 2 Australian tours, South East Asia, China, 20-odd dates around the US all in a year), Auckland duo Carb on Carb's self-titled 10-track album is a redefinition of the band. 

Sonically it sees the pair redefine their sound by shifting towards a 90s pop-punk style, while still retaining their older influences. We helped distribute it around NZ and digitally and were particularly stoked when the vinyl version was also released.

We teamed up with Wellington psych-folk outfit Glass Vaults to crowd fund the release of their album Sojourn on vinyl. And we made it!

Formed in 2010 and once referred to as 'Glacial Pop', the songs from Sojourn, - the bands debut LP (after three EPs) - are from a warmer climate. Written during a summer in New York, Southern Florida and Wellington it’s a collection of lush psychedelic folk.  Clash Magazine called it; “Enthralling New Zealand Psych-folk”. We couldn't agree more.

It's been a whirlwind few months for Auckland trio Bespin, releasing their debut EP, winning the NZ Music Awards Critic's Choice Price and opening for Tame Impala on their NZ tour. 
Their EP Osiris features five tracks of woozy fuzz Gigantor psychgaze, careering out of control down an 8-bit space age freeway. Recorded in a hidden Grey Lynn attic in the home of main guy Jonathan Lee (Cut Off Your Hands). The band also features members of DHDFD's (Joel Beeby) and Tiny Ruins (Alex Freer) and in the word of bring "....forth the same full-force psychedelic shoegaze to knock your socks off."

We also had the honour of working with and distributing the new album from NZ indie-pop luminaries The Chills. Silver Bullets is their first full-length album in nearly two decades. Bursting with chiming Dunedin-pop anthems, melodic rock and Martin Phillipps’ playful punk-rock tendencies, the thrilling new album brings them to the next chapter.

Reaffirming Phillipps’ aptitude for writing intelligent and timeless pop songs delivered with conviction. With Silver Bullets, The Chills complex pop resonates in a cacophony of dark-edged songs.



2015 saw us work with one of Australia's best indie labels Chapter Music to help release some of their material in New Zealand including:


So there you have it 2015 for Flying Out - it's been a blast and special thanks to our staff who keep the good ship sailing - Ben, Matthew, Bridge, Amelia, Alex, Josh and Jack. Till next year...

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