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Matthew Davis

Where to start with these re-issues - there are so many great things to say!

Keeping it simple - Flying Nun in partnership with Captured Tracks have announced the upcoming re-issue of Chris Knox's early solo album 'Seizure' and the Tall Dwarfs' first full length 'Weeville'. Set for release on November 13 on both vinyl and CD. 

We have pre-orders available now, along with a limited edition silk screen print to accompany the first 100 LP orders.

Chris Knox - Seizure (1989)

Musician, artist, cartoonist, director and much more, simply put Chris Knox is the godfather of alternative New Zealand music.

While, Seizure was certainly not the beginning for Chris Knox, it is often considered his first ‘proper’ solo album. Though in fairness there is nothing proper about it, exploring the surreal, the political, the satirical and sometimes simply the crazy. Musically this one man-guitar-drum machine-omnichord creates a lo-fi mix of punk, indie rock and pop that works perfectly. With it’s DIY recording, wit and melody, Seizure highlights why Knox is considered one of New Zealand’s finest songwriters - a man who helped launch Flying Nun and inspired generations of musicians.

Using audio taken direct from the original master tape to vinyl lacquer, the re-issue also features the original cover art from the first pressing.

Tall Dwarfs - Weeville (1990)

The duo of Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate have been making music together since 1977, first in New Zealand's early punk band, The Enemy, followed by Toy Love.

In 1981 Chris and Alec returned as the Tall Dwarfs, they purchased a four track, and over the next 30 plus years would release wonderfully demented records and go on to influence bands such as Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Neutral Milk Hotel and countless more. Now, re-issued again on LP and CD, Weeville was the pairs' first full length album, and like their preceding releases it features some of the best home recorded psychedelia, densely textured pop songs and wallops of hard nosed punk you will ever hear.

Along with a 20 page booklet featuring the duo’s individual art and design, Weeville is a fantasy land built on tape loops, feedback and distortion. It’s pop music just how they like it.

 Plus in celebration of these reissues, New York band EZTV have recorded a version of Chris Knox's love song to end all love songs, Not Given Lightly (from Seizure). Listen to it here:


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