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Every month we are joined by Simon Grigg of who shares his thoughts, feelings and recent posts from “the noisy library of New Zealand music”....

Sneaky FeelingsWe didn’t quite make the launch of the Dunedin Double EP but a few days after the April 19 release, AudioCulture published its profile of Sneaky Feelings, written by Andrew Schmidt, to complete the quartet of Dunedin Double acts featured on the site.

In the past few months we’ve been upgrading the words and the images on many of our profiles. One of the artists to benefit from this programme is The Renderers. We were conscious that our original profile didn’t do the Cantabrian band justice at all, so we commissioned Jon Chapman to address that and, with the help of Brian and Maryrose Crook, we now have what we think is a definitive page – and perhaps the best opening paragraph on the site!

Look Blue Go Purple, a band that not only broke barriers but also made several records that still sound timeless, had a similar upgrade to a full profile by Andrew Schmidt as did The Doublehappys, who Shayne Carter described this way: “It was Revenge of the Nerds, a classic rock and roll story. Punk rock working class kids from Dunedin. It’s got to be real and represent who you are and where you’re from, and the Doublehappys were little shits from Dunedin.”
The Stones
The were a number of rarely seen pictures, found in the Flying Nun archives, added to The Stones page.

Russell Brown’s look at some of the great album sleeves of New Zealand rock and roll (an on-going series) included the Headless Chickens, Straitjacket Fits and the Able Tasmans.

F- Star BandAnd finally, it may not be Flying Nun but it’s not that distant philosophically – F-Star records was a tiny label from the geographically isolated North Island city of Gisborne who came to life in the mid 1980s, issuing half a dozen singles before fading. Three decades on the label is both well remembered and there are at least a couple of indie classics in that small catalogue.

- Simon Grigg heads up AudioCulture among many other things, you should check out his website here.

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