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Ben Howe Flying Out

Like all forward thinking music enterprises, Flying Out have figured one thing out. They can't figure out the future. So they are going back to the future. And they say the future is vinyl. 

But because vinyl is "physical product" Flying Out need a physical storage space. And being a particularly savvy operation, their record storage space is in a kind of glass bubble. It is suspended in space meters above a fruit store, a pop up teak garden furniture store and some car parks. It has two pillars on either side but no immediate support directly underneath the floor (see photo). Flying Out are not sure for what purpose or why this was built (a loading bay control centre?). But they saw it and liked it. So they claimed it as their own and moved in. 

Flying Out like to call it their "warehouse" and Kenneth runs the "warehouse". Kenneth says the "warehouse" is in a "funky" space.

In the Flying Out warehouse they have vinyl records, compact discs, T-shirts, and big guys (except Kenneth who is quite light) packing stuff up into boxes. All these things are quite heavy. Vinyl, in particular is heavy. Very heavy.

Here is a photo of some heavy vinyl in Kenneth's "funky warehouse".

As the labels Flying Nun, Arch Hill and others started pressing up more records, by The Clean, Skeptics, The Bird Nest Roys, Ghost Wave, Bailterspace and numerous others, the warehouse started filling up. Flying Out got more stock, also from overseas. It became fuller. It got heavier. 

One day, at the weekly staff "team meeting" Kenneth raised some questions about the structural integrity of the warehouse. 

"How strong is that floor with nothing underneath supporting it? Should they be loading it up with more and more heavy boxes of vinyl? What to do with the Verlaines and Transistors LPs due to arrive any day?  Was it a good idea to let the Friday drinks turn into polka parties? What are the Occupational Safety responsibilities if the floor/bottom drops out crushing innocent vegetable shoppers? Are vegetable shoppers always innocent?"

They were good questions, and the only solution to avert disaster was to lighten the load. 

And how to lighten the load? Have a record fair of course. Sell off a bunch of stuff cheap, make room for more that is arriving soon and try not to crush anybody.

So come to the Flying Out Record Fair, this Saturday (16th November) at Lucha Lounge in Auckland NZ from midday. More info here

Come along and save us from ourselves.

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